Vision statement


Our vision

By “opening doors” we aim to be recognised as a major brand in the property industry.


Our mission

To be a leading one-stop shop for property investors, developers, landlords and tenants. 
We aim to deliver innovative solutions in all aspects of property ownership, to build strong brand values and enduring customer relationships. 

We are committed to playing an ever-increasing role in the local community through involvement with local community groups and economic development organisations.

Our core values

  • Accountability
    We take responsibility for all our actions which influence the lives of our customers, fellow workers and society at large

  • Commitment
    We are committed to continuous improvement in our products and services to benefit people inside and outside our company

  • Community
    We will act responsibly within, and contribute to, our local community 

  • Efficiency
    Our approach should provide the best solution every time, balancing cost, speed and quality for the benefit of our clients

  • Empowerment
    Our people are our strength. We will empower our people to take initiative and give their best

  • Career progression
    We will help our people develop their careers through training and support

  • Innovation
    We will seek to develop new products and services that have the potential to change the world

  • Integrity
    We will act with honesty and integrity towards people inside and outside our company

  • Leadership
    As individuals and as a company we will aim to be leaders not followers

  • Passion
    We will work enthusiastically and intelligently to provide the best service

  • Respect
    We will respect each other and maintain an environment of teamwork and personal growth

  • Excellence
    We will aim, each day, for excellence in all aspects of our service